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Company news about Europa League Preview: Roma VS Brighton

Europa League Preview: Roma VS Brighton


Latest company news about Europa League Preview: Roma VS Brighton

As a traditional strong team in Serie A, Rome's league results have been relatively mediocre in recent seasons, resulting in difficult to break into the top four of the Champions League qualifying area, but in recent years, the team has been in the Europa League and the European Cup competition, and show the extreme desire for the championship, but also achieved satisfactory results, last year's Europa Rome broke into the final. They lost to Sevilla in a penalty shootout and won the first UEFA Cup in the 21-22 season. The competition in the European war is very strong. Roma have done well in the league this season, currently fifth in the table, and still have great hopes of qualifying for the European competition. The team's recent performance is also quite excellent, the last round of the league in the away 4-1 victory of Monza, recently showed a strong ability to win.


Brighton have grown rapidly into a Premier League team in the last two seasons and are among the favourites for European qualification. They finished sixth in the league last season, just five points behind Liverpool, to qualify for the Europa League. Brighton also showed first-class competitiveness in the Europa League, winning 4, drawing 1 and losing 1 in the group stage to win the group, beating Marseille to qualify directly. Only the team's recent performance is relatively depressed, the last round of the league in the away 0-3 defeat Fulham, now the league has no great expectations, and turned to impact the European war.


Seagull Army is a young team, the attack is fast, but the defensive end is not very good, and the front two important scorers and Pedro are injured can not play, the last round of the league was Fulham played spent, now is not in the best state, this two-leg game at home if not down, It will be difficult to get out of the line, so tonight's home game Roma will definitely attack, with Brighton's current state estimated that it is difficult to withstand Roma's attack for 90 minutes, and we optimistic that Roma will win.

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